Nina Kolari
Pinterest Ads for eCommerce

Pinterest Ads for eCommerce

Managing Pinterest ads aka Promoted Pins is my bread and butter so to speak as I run global Pinterest Marketing Agency.

We currently manage client's Pinterest ads and get anywhere from 3-20x Return On Ad Spend. 

This course takes you from complete newbie to confident to manage your own ads for your eCommerce store.

4 Step Ad Framework:

  • Lay the foundation for success
  • Create ad for your campaing
  • Launch Your Campaign
  • Optimize

This course covers how to set up Pinterest ads and is suitable for beginner advertisers on Pinterest. This course does not cover campaign strategies or advanced Pinterest but will give you more than enough to get going.

6 Modules

Welcome to the Course

Welcome to the course! I'm so happy I can help you launch your first ad campaign on Pinterest.

Nice to virtually meet you, !

Do reach out if you have any questions about Pinterest marketing.

Pinterest Foundations

This module is the foundation for your Pinterest campaign success - do not skip this part unless you've already have fully optimized profile and tags in place!

Launch with Confidence

Here’s a step-by-step process on how to set up Pinterest ads.

Please be aware the Pinterest interface can change rapidly, so what you see here might not look exactly like what you see online. 

We are using about four different versions of ad interfaces and tools for our clients due to changes that have occurred over time!

This is all good though. It means Pinterest is working hard to make the ad tool even better, so embrace the change and reap the results.

Optimize for Success

This is a crucial part of the process and one that should get most of your time!

You can never optimize and make big bucks from your advertising efforts if you don’t know what works or not and why, 

So look at your data as your best and most trusted advisor.

What's Next

Modules for this course 6

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